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Flat Stanley
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Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley


Who is he ?

  • We got him from the postman on April, 15th, 2003. He made a big trip, to come from USA (Springfield, Missouri).
  • He's a "made of paper" little boy. Kyanni, my US e-pal Sandy's daughter made him in Mrs Caroll's class.
  • He is a character from a book written by Jeff Brown in 1964
  • All over the world, and especially in US and Canada, teachers used him as an educational purpose (reading-writing).

  • I found interesting websites in relation with this project : Canadian website
    Miss Robertson's website

Flat Stanley in Paris Flat Stanley's diary :

Tuesday, April, 15th : We found him in a letter which has been sent from Springfield on April, the 8 th.
The weather was beautiful, Stanley played in the garden with my sons Alexandre and Thomas.
We drove to Paris by night with our new friend Flat Stanley: Theater and restaurant, close to the river "Seine".
Thomas, Stanley and Alex close to our river Juine Stanley and the kids are ready to glide Alex and Stanley near the swimming-pool Is Stanley going to fly? They all seem  tired
Wednesday, April, 16th : It seemed like a summer day...
We drove to Paris and Stanley discovered the city.
The Gare du Nord rail station Stanley in Paris Paris is Beautiful Stanley in front of Paris Opera
Thursday, April, 17th : Alexandre was invited to Damien's birthday party...Stanley wasn't!
So, he went shopping with us.
Friday, April, 18th : We went to Etampes flying club.
We flew over Chartres to see the famous cathedral. Then we flew over our house in "Janville sur Juine".
At the club, after landing, Alexandre teached Stanley how to play "Babyfoot".
In the evening, we were invited for dinner by our friends: Alain, Nicole and Gersende.
We flew in this plane Stanley is sitting on Alexandre's knees This is our village Stanley is learning to fly a little plane Stanley is learning babyfoot game We have a drink before dinner with our friends Alain, Nicole et Gersende!
Saturday, April, 19th : Mamie went at home, she met Flat Stanley.
There was a cold wind outside...
Sunday, April, 20th: It was Easter, the bells brought eggs in the garden. An eggs hunt took place in the garden. Stanley was looking for eggs in the garden with the kids.
Unfortunately, the weather was bad, sometimes rainy !
Thomas is sharing chocolate eggs with Stanley
Monday, April, 21th We stayed at home to be ready for school.
We had to prepare fancy dresses for the school show that will take place at the end of the school year at "Ste Ernestine school" (in Lardy).
I finished a new version of this site and put in "on line" !
Tuesday, April, 22th : It was time for kids to go back to school, the holidays was finished. Alexandre put Flat Stanley in his school bag. Then Stanley met Mireille (the "CP" teacher) and Alexandre's friends.
(Mireille is also the english teacher of all the school)
He was nice at school, hanged to the radiator. The pupils talked to him in english : "How are you ?, How old are you ?,...See you tomorrow..." Mireille invited him to go to school again on thursday, friday and saturday. (School is closed on wednesday). Saturday morning (school is closed on saturday afternoon), I'll take pictures of Flat Stanley with the pupils in the classroom...
Wednesday, April, 23rd : Stanley went to the english course, called: "Mini-Schools" in Auvers-Saint-Georges. In the afternoon, he walked in the village, saw the town hall. Then he helped Alexandre to do his homework and drove a little motorbike with Thomas. The weather was fine !
It's a good place to learn English... Kids like to go there, they play and they learn It's the village entrance, when driving from Auvers Janville town hall Stanley is looking after Alexandre's homework Thomas loves motorbikes, Stanley too!
Thursday, April, 24th : Flat Stanley went to school with Alexandre.
But they were very busy because they're just starting to prepare the school show. Alexandre will be dressed up as an hunter, Thomas as a red apple !
Friday, April, 25th : Stanley was at school all day long. He has nice, hanged to the radiator. He was happy to see the first school show training. It was also Alexandre 's birthday, he is 7 now and got a lot of birthday presents.
Mireille's class Here is the best place ! Mireille is really nice! Cours Preparatoire school playground Flat Stanley is quiet
Saturday, April, 26th : It was raining in the morning and kids were at school with Flat Stanley. At 2 pm, Alexandre's friends knocked at the door, ready for the party. They had great fun ! The weather was confusing, sometimes sunshines, sometimes showers...But the kids played in the garden.
They were 14 kids (15 with Stanley!) They brought a lot of presents ! Stanley found a good place, so he could see everybody There were 7 candles on the cake It was a chocolate cake... We played (presents)go-fishing outside
Sunday, April, 27 th : There are so many showers that we prefer to stay at home...
A few pictures of Alexandre and his girlfriend Gersende in Lardy:
It's the gate of the sainte Ernestine School The butcher's main street Here is the bookshop and a little supermarket in Lardy the main street bakery
Monday, April, 28 th : The last day: Martine, the mum is printing the last pictures which will be sent with Flat Stanley.
We went for a last walk: The Town Hall of Lardy, Mesnil-Voisin old castle, the airfield of la Ferté-Alais very famous for its very old planes.
The beautiful town hall of Lardy! Mesnil-Voisin castle Here you can see old planes
Tuesday, April, 29th : Flat Stanley is leaving !
Here are the last pictures in front of the post office mail box:
Lardy's post office Bye Flat Stanley, have a nice trip!
Thursday, May, 8th : We learn that Kyanni got "her" Flat Stanley !
Here is Kyanni who received Flat Stanley back from France
  It's Mrs Carrolls 2nd Grade What is Flat Stanley going to do now?

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